Uses For A Country Club

When we think of the word’s country club, the images of fancy parties, exclusive parties and people playing golf all day come to mind.  For many that think like this, investing in country club real estate highlands nc may sound like a great investment.  However, before you thrown down your hard earned money, you should really do your research and see if it is a wise investment.

Property size

When it comes to a country club or other property you want to really know your usable size.  When I talk about usable size, I am talking about what square footage you can associate with a specific person at one time. 

If the property size can only accommodate five hundred people at a time, then this is going to be your stress limit and maximum amount of possible revenue that can be generated.  When it comes to a country club you really want to know your space and how it will be used.

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Foot traffic

Another component you want to consider is your foot traffic.  When we look at foot traffic it will determine if it will be a good investment.  Foot traffic needs to have a few things associated to it.  First of all is how many people are coming on a given day.  If you have five hundred people come a day that may seem like a good thing.  However, if different people come then that can be bad.  When looking at your foot traffic you want to have a constant flow of new and old people visiting your property.  If you have only old people, then this can quickly dry up.

Services offered

What services will you offer?  Similar to foot traffic you want to have varied services associated with your business.  You want to have a constant and reliable series of events that people will look forward to using and engaging with.  You will also want to have other offerings to help break up the stagnant similarity of the events.  These will attract new people as well as keep something fresh for current members.